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This is a fashion blog dedicated to the fandoms, but occasionally there are some non-fandom outfits.
Feel free to send a request- the ask box is open! Outfit Directory is here:
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They will be posted tonight, however, just later than usually expected. 

Look forward to seeing the Fan Choice final decisions! :)

hey hey! i love your blog so much omg. are there any other good fashion blogs youd recommend, fandom or otherwise??
fashion-of-fandoms fashion-of-fandoms Said:

Here are some awesome recommendations below. There are plenty more out there- these are to get you started :)





justamuggle (posts great fan fashion with clothes from their own closet!)

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Asker inluv12 Asks:
um. see i cant find your posts from #day of the doctor. and i really wanna dress like the doctors. x( help me out? tell me how. also more Soul Eater, Ouran Host Club, Youtubers, & Music Makers. Could You do Troye Sivan
fashion-of-fandoms fashion-of-fandoms Said:

A majority of your requests are linked in the Outfit Directory, but since some of your requests are specifically linked, it will just be easier to tag them all below:

All Doctor Who outfits

All Doctors only 

Soul Eater

Ouran High School Host Club


However, outfits for Music Makers and Troye Sivan have yet to be completed. Look for those outfits soon!

Message specific characters whenever you please. :)

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