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This is a fashion blog dedicated to the fandoms, but occasionally there are some non-fandom outfits.
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
hello is the fof birthday contest still going on? I have an outfit in my drafts but i totally forgot to post it.
fashion-of-fandoms fashion-of-fandoms Said:

Yes it is! The contest ends August 30th. :)

Girly Punk <- buy it there!
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For the follower requesting a “girly punk” inspired outfit for school- here is an idea of what you could wear to depict this type of style!
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"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart." - Anne Frank
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Have you done any Ouran High School Host Club outfits?
fashion-of-fandoms fashion-of-fandoms Said:

They are linked here

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Each piece in this outfit is under $50!
Douglas Booth <- buy it there!
1800s Inspired <- buy it there!
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Instead, another one will take its place!

Here are the rules:

  1. Create an outfit you would wear to a party, using Polyvore, another website, or clothes from your closet!
  2. Post the picture on Tumblr and tag @ fashion-of-fandoms with the #fofbirthdaycontest. 
  3. You must be following this blog! It will be checked. 
  4. You are allowed to create up to five (5) different outfits for the contest.

The fashion-of-fandoms team will review all submissions and choose the top five (5). Winners will get reblogs of their outfits, and a custom outfit based on their blog!

Contest ends August 30! Good luck!

(via fashion-of-fandoms)

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Claire and Jamie Fraser <- buy it there!