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This is a fashion blog dedicated to the fandoms, but occasionally there are some non-fandom outfits.
Feel free to send a request- the ask box is open! Please check the "Outfit Directory" and "FAQ/Disclaimer" first!
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Your fans seriously need to look in your outfit directory before asking. Nearly every post you have is them asking you the same question and it's really a bothersome.
fashion-of-fandoms fashion-of-fandoms Said:

It does feel like that sometimes- I agree with you there. I created an outfit directory specifically for those questions.

I don’t know if it isn’t accessible to some people, so if it is hard to access, it would be awesome to know so that the problem can be fixed. 

Here is the archive in case someone would like to check it out right now!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I love you blog keep up the good work. :)
fashion-of-fandoms fashion-of-fandoms Said:

Thank you!! <3

The Three Musketeers <- buy it there!
Based off of the 2011 film!
Rin Matsuoka <- buy it there!
Virgo <- buy it there!
Hi there! Who are some good female superheroes/heroines to dress up as but kind of modernized?
fashion-of-fandoms fashion-of-fandoms Said:

There are so many female characters to choose from. Check out a bunch that have been created here

PS: You may have to scroll a bit before you see the images. :)

Mack <- buy it there!
Gambit <- buy it there!
Asker Anonymous Asks:
Could you do the les miserables cast? Thx I just loved the movie and the book :)
fashion-of-fandoms fashion-of-fandoms Said:

All of the Les Miserables cast is linked here!

Arctic Monkeys <- buy it there!
Dean Winchester <- buy it there!
Gwen Stacy <- buy it there!
Luke <- buy it there!
Margo Roth Spiegelman <- buy it there!