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This is a fashion blog dedicated to the fandoms! I also post non-fandom outfits occasionally. Requests are now open!
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Merida Disneybound

Adorable! I love this outfit- Merida is one of my favorites! :)

Happy Easter! <-buy it there!
Happy Easter to all of my followers. Enjoy your day and stay safe! :)
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Dress #6
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Dress #5
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Dress #4
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Dress #3
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Dress #2
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Dress #1
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Love this! It totally reminds me of Clara :)

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Hey followers! I need some help picking out characters for these dresses! 
Please comment a character name that will go well with a dress-
***DON’T FORGET to add the number of the dress so I know which one to use!!!***
For example: “Dress #6 looks like Tinkerbell!” 
You have 24 hours to comment, and after that I will not taken any more options. 
Accurate or popular ideas will be used.
Any suggestions?